Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tips for natural conception


Natural conception comes easily for some while it takes a bit longer for others. The first thing I tell people when they complain about the fact that their friend conceived a few months into trying and it's taking them longer is that no two people and circumstances are the same, no two bodies are the same and both of you are not married to the same husband. That does not mean you have a problem or that your husband has a problem, it could just mean you need to balance a few things in your body or lifestyle and also monitor your body closely and voila! It could even be you just need to relax.

I have a few tips that are helpful if you want to conceive naturally

Plan to conceive

I know a huge percentage of pregnancies are not planned but I think it is still wise to plan to conceive. When I say plan to conceive, I don't mean going shopping or planning the exact night, I mean taking the decision that you are ready to begin to try to conceive. Of course you can't take the decision alone, you should have a proper discussion with your husband and decide on when you want to begin because you want to be sure both of you are mentally, emotionally, physically and financially ready for that wonderful but huge responsibility. You just have to be sure both of you are in a place where you are ready to give all of yourselves and more for that tiny, cute bundle.

Visit your doctor

Once you are done deciding, your next stop is your doctor's office. Both of you would need to see your doctor for a pre-conception check. This is a very important bit that a lot of couples over look. These days even to get hired for a job, you need a medical check, why would you not want to be sure your body is in its best state to house your child?
During your check up, your doctor will ask you some questions, some of which may be about your sexual health,  try to be very honest with him, let him know if you have or have had any STDs? Any abortions? Do you suffer from any illnesses such as diabetes? Try as much as you can to answer all his questions. It may be difficult to discuss certain issues but I can assure you that once you are out of that office you would feel like a huge load has been lifted off your shoulders. I always say your doctor and your priest are alike, one takes care of your body and the other your soul and both demand honesty for best results. Don't forget to ask questions, no matter how silly it may seem, most times it's not as silly as you think and you want to know anyway, silly or not. You can make a list of the questions you want to ask so you don't forget them.

Be sure to listen carefully to your doctor's instructions and follow them to the letter, if you have any concerns let him know.

Next tip will follow soon......

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