Thursday, 13 June 2013

Keep fit


Maintaining a healthy weight while trying to conceive is important. Being overweight or underweight can throw off your hormones and can affect your ovulation.

The best way to know if you are overweight or underweight is to calculate your Body Mass Index.
A simple way to do this is to 

Check your weight in kilograms
Check your height in meters

To get your BMI divide your weight by your height squared 

For instance if Jane's weight in kilograms is 70 kg 
Her height in meters is 1.6 meters
Her BMI is 70  divided by 1.6 x 1.6
70 divided by 2.56 = 27.34
So Jane's BMI is 27.34

Most doctors consider BMI's in the following ways

Below 19 is underweight
Range of 19 - 25 is normal
Between 25 to 28 is overweight
Above 28 is obese
Above 40 is dangerously obese

Judging from the figures above we would say Jane is over weight and would need to exercise and get her BMI within the normal range.

To maintain a healthy BMI you need to eat right and exercise. If you don't normally exercise but want to start, you should start with mild exercises like taking walks and then progress to jogging. When I decided to start exercising I started with running up and down my stairs, I remember the first day I did that, I planned to run up and down my stairs 20  times but by the time I did 11 I was panting so much, it felt like my heart would pop out of my chest but with time it got better and better.

What I'm trying to say is exercising does not have to feel like punishment, start with whatever you are comfortable with and then progress.

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