Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The inlaws

Question 6

What about the inlaws?

Meeting the inlaws? Wow! a big step but also a difficult one for some. Dealing with inlaws can be very tricky but the key lies in your partner. He/she knows them better than you do so if you are uncomfortable with them in any way, i suggest you discuss it with him/her. The way he/she handles the issue will give you an insight into how it will be handled later in the marriage. Some families are so close that they meet the new addition with some kind of negative attitude but he/she should be the one to make it clear that you are now a huge part of his/her life and should be treated as such. He/she should have your back at all times and show that he/she would support you no matter what. However not all inlaws are from hell, some are actually wonderful and would accept and help you adjust. 

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