Pre- Marriage

So you think you are ready for the big 'M'?

Before taking the big leap, slow down, step back and ask yourself some questions. A lot of times we are caught up in all the excitement of the engagement and wedding plans that we forget to reflect and honestly ask ourselves the most important questions. Marriage is such an important venture and funny enough we don't take it that seriously at the beginning. We would consider several questions  as we move along. You are welcome to chip in as much as you like and oh, I would love to hear your stories too.

So the first question is 

Why do you really want to get married?

People get married for so many different reasons, ranging from companionship to money to love, lust and the list goes on and on but do you know that your reason for getting married can greatly influence the way you treat your marriage, in some cases the marriage can completely break down if you marry for the wrong reasons. Again what is wrong is relative right? Trust your instincts, if it feels wrong then it's probably wrong. Look at it this way would you still laugh at his/her jokes if stripped off everything, money, beauty etc. you know how the jokes you used to laugh at become suddenly annoying. I believe it is good to be beautiful and/or rich or marry someone that is rich and/or beautiful but they say beauty is only skin deep, will that pull you through difficult times? being feeble beings anything can happen at anytime. Being realistic at this time is more important than ever. Think hard and deep and most of all be true to yourself and for whatever the reason for getting in be sure you are convinced you will be happy on the long run but do think about it.

Why did you get married and do you think you made the right choice? Let us know

Question 2

Do you really love him/her enough?

We would love to convince ourselves that we are really in love with that person we plan to marry but sometimes we are not really being truthful. This is a point where we should be honest to ourselves. Is this love you profess really enough to endure all life throws your way. Ask yourself what you really love about him/ her, make a list of all the things you love and do not love about him and then think of  how much of those things you don't love that you can tolerate and to what extent. This little exercise will give you a glimpse of what you would live with and if you can tolerate a lot of the annoying things about him/her, then you may just love him/her enough.

Do you think it is important to be very much in love when you get married or just get married and then let the love grow? Let us know what you think.

Question 3

Does he/she love you enough?

Loooveeee........ don't we all love being in love? It's so wonderful and feels really good but hey, pause a bit does he/she really love you as much as you do him/ her or is all that love coming from you? You should think about how he/she treats you in private and when both of are around people. You have to be sure he/she is really into you at this stage and I don't mean just the part where he can't keep his hands off you, I mean something stronger and deeper. Lust can be strong too, trust me, sometimes even feels like love but be careful not to confuse them. You want to be sure he/she'll be there when everyone and everything else is lost. You have to understand you can't make someone love you, not before marriage and definitely not after you have taken that vow. However, I can assure you that if he/she loves you as much as you love him you would have a wonderfully balanced marriage.

Do you feel loved enough?

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