Saturday, 8 June 2013

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Conception Lifestyle NO-NOs

The way you live your life may not be anyone's business but it may affect your unborn child.
If you want to conceive naturally and have a healthy child you should consider making some adjustments to your lifestyle if you have certain habits that may be harmful to you or your child and there is no better time to do that than before conception.

Some of those changes are


This habit as we all know is harmful to you as a person. The chemicals you inhale attack several parts of your body including your lungs and can cause cancer. you can only imagine what it can do to your unborn child.
When you smoke it cuts off oxygen supply to the baby and makes its heart beat faster and work harder.
You have an increased risk of miscarriage
An increased risk of stillbirth
An increased risk of preterm birth
Those are just some of the risks you run when you smoke while pregnant. You ask though, why not smoke until I get pregnant, then I'll stop? It doesn't work that way, first of all, think of yourself and what it could do to your health, secondly, you may not even know you are pregnant for several weeks and may be smoking for those weeks and harming your baby without knowing it and finally, remember I talked about the chemicals you inhale when you smoke, these chemicals remain in your body for a period of time within which if you conceive, may harm your child. This is why you are advised to quit smoking even before you begin to try to conceive.

Men are also advised to quit smoking before trying for a baby for the sake of their health and also the health of their sperm. Studies show that smoking in men can affect sperm concentration,  motility and morphology(shape of sperm).

If you are trying to conceive and still smoking, try as much as possible to quit. If you need help, you can contact your local hospital or medical Center, they usually have a list of agencies in your area that could assist you.

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