Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dealing with menstrual discomfort

A lot of us experience a certain kind of discomfort before or during our period every month. These discomfort are normal and usually subside on their own or with over the counter pain reliever.
Every woman experiences this discomfort in a different way and can range from minor to severe for some women.

women have complained of headaches, swollen and/or painful breasts, abdominal cramps, nausea, fatigue etc. and different women respond in different ways to the discomfort they experience around this period.
The menstrual discomfort experienced by a lot of women, my self included is abdominal cramps. These cramps are normal but can also signal some health issues when severe. If you experience severe abdominal cramps for more than 3 days and very heavy bleeding during your periods, you should contact your doctor to get checked out as this may be a symptom of uterine fibroid or endometriosis, but then again it could be nothing to worry about, you just have to be sure so contact your doctor.

Dealing with menstrual discomfort, I have come to understand is different for every woman. I will tell you a bit about mine and how I deal with it. 
I started experiencing abdominal cramps on the first day of my period about 4 years after I started having my periods and have had it almost every month since then. At first, I decided not to take any drugs for it but to let it subside on its own. Overtime, I discovered that if I could get myself to sleep then it would be gone by the time I wake up so I started using that trick. I also discovered that the more sugar I took around this period  the more painful the cramps so I started reducing my sugar intake a day before and on the first day of my period and it has worked so well that sometimes I don't even have cramps at all when I stay off sugar for those 2 days.

These days I take a pain reliever once my period starts so I'm ready when the cramps eventually hit as I may not be able to take a nap.

 Other women have also noticed that some of the following have helped them get relief from their cramps.

Using a hot water bottle to apply some heat on the abdomen
Avoiding alcohol, fitzy drinks and foods with sugar or salt
Adjusting their diet by including lots of fibre
Taking a hot cup of tea.

So how do you get relief from your discomfort this time of the month?

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