Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hi everyone,
Marriage and childbirth bring such indescribable joy to the couple involved. Think back to your wedding day, I'm sure it was one of the most wonderful days of your life and its not much different from the day you had your first child. These are such amazingly joyful days that everyone longs to experience them. However, we get to see and hear about the wonderful part but often we do not hear or see what happens in the marriage after the wedding or the struggles that come with delayed conception, how it affects the marriage and all the other issues encountered in early marriage that no one told you about. A lot of the times we are lost in the glamour and fantasy of the wedding day that we don't sit back to reflect on what marriage is all about. This is a forum where newly married couples can talk about their issues concerning delayed conception and other marital experiences good or bad, you never know who your life experiences could help. Lets help each other.

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