Friday, 31 May 2013

Do you feel loved enough?

Question 3

Does he/she love you enough?

Loooveeee........ don't we all love being in love? It's so wonderful and feels really good but hey, pause a bit does he/she really love you as much as you do him/ her or is all that love coming from you? You should think about how he/she treats you in private and when both of are around people. You have to be sure he/she is really into you at this stage and I don't mean just the part where he can't keep his hands off you, I mean something stronger and deeper. Lust can be strong too, trust me, sometimes even feels like love but be careful not to confuse them. You want to be sure he/she'll be there when everyone and everything else is lost. You have to understand you can't make someone love you, not before marriage and definitely not after you have taken that vow. However, I can assure you that if he/she loves you as much as you love him you would have a wonderfully balanced marriage.

Do you feel loved enough?

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